Manufacturing Industries: Concept & Importance

What do you mean by Manufacturing? Write below more about the concept and importance of industries in india.

Q.1 What do you mean by manufacturing?
Ans. Production of goods in large quantities after processing from raw materials to more valuable products is called manufacturing. For example: paper is manufactured from wood, sugar from sugarcane, iron and steel from iron ore and aluminium from bauxite.

Q.2 Describe the importance of manufacturing in Indian economy.
“The economic strength of a country is measured by the development of manufacturing industries”. Justify this statement with four examples.
Explain why the manufacturing sector is considered the backbone of development in general and economic development in particular. Give four reasons.
Ans. Because –
i. Manufacturing industries help in modernising agriculture, which forms the backbone of our economy.
ii. Manufacturing industries also reduce the heavy dependence of people on agricultural income by providing them jobs in secondary and tertiary sectors.
iii. Industrial development is a precondition for eradication of unemployment and poverty from our country.
iv. It brings down regional disparities by establishing industries in tribal and backward areas.
v. Export of manufactured goods expands trade and commerce, and brings in much needed foreign exchange.
vi. Countries that transform their raw materials into a wide variety of furnished goods of higher value are prosperous.
vii. Industry sector contributes 27 % of GDP out of it manufacturing accounts for 17 %.

Q.3 “Agriculture and industry are not exclusive of each other. They move hand in hand.” Justify this statement with examples.
Ans. The agro-industries in India have given a major boost to agriculture -
i. By raising its productivity.
ii. Industries depend on the agriculture for raw materials such as cotton, jute, silk etc.
iii. Industries sell their products such as irrigation pumps, fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides, machines and tools, etc. to the farmers.
iv. Thus, development of manufacturing industry helps agriculture in increasing their production but also make the production processes very efficient.

Q.4 How our industries will be able to compete in the international market in the present day world of globalization?
Ans. Our industry needs to be more efficient and competitive. Self-sufficiency alone is not enough. Our manufactured goods must be at par in quality with those in the international market. Only then, will we be able to compete in the international market.